Old Manchester Golf Club is the second oldest Golf Club in England and was instituted in 1818, although evidence does exist of some informal golf activity before that date, on Kersal Moor in Salford.  Golf was played on the Kersal Moor course until 1882 when the club was re-established in Broughton Park and continued there until 1904 before moving to the new course on Vine Street. 

In 1960, due to the loss of the lease and vandalism, the Vine Street course became untenable but the Club did not cease to exist and continues to thrive without a course as members continue to find satisfaction in its long and distinguished past and look forward to a successful future.  It now seems certain that the Club will never again have a course of its own but new members continue to join and are made very welcome. The old historic trophies are a source of great pride signifying a determination to preserve an organisation that is an important part of the country’s sporting heritage.

In 2018, Old Manchester celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the Club having borne witness to Manchester’s rich commercial, social and political history throughout that period including nine reigning monarchs between George III and Elizabeth II.   In May the Club revisited Kersal Moor where three holes were prepared and members re-enacted playing golf on the Moor.  To mark this occasion a plaque was unveiled by the Mayor of Salford, Mr Peter Connor who spoke about the importance of history and tradition and commended the enthusiasm and dedication of Phil Goodall the 2018 Captain, who as Secretary, had provided the continuity to ensure the survival of Old Manchester Golf Club.  He was pleased that the Club was keeping the history alive and looking forward to the next 100 years.

A full history of Old Manchester is documented in two publications:

Old Manchester Golf Club 1818 – 1988 

by Jean M Russell which can be obtained from the Secretary.

Far and Sure – a history of Old Manchester Golf Club 1818 – 2018

by Helen Besant- Roberts which can be obtained through Amazon

Watch “The Book Looking At The History Of A 200 Year Old Golf Club” from That’s Manchester TV